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I used to have a habit of assuming that something was wrong. Whenever I hit a challenge, I would immediately think that I had either done something wrong or that something was fundamentally wrong with me. Yes, I know, not exactly the most inspiring way to live your life. Fortunately, I have incredible spiritual teachers in my life who have been reminding me for a very long time that nothing is ever wrong. A challenge is simply an opportunity to take a second look, to learn something new, to be different. And as a slow learner it took a leetle bit of time for me to see that. However when I finally saw it, the first thing I noticed was the instant drop in stress levels. All of the criticism dissolved and was replaced with a curiosity. And when that curiosity asked my Intuition what was actually happening, the answers always gave me a creativity boost!

So what does this have to do with creating content? Well, quite a lot actually.

Creativity Criticisms

When we’re in the middle of creating a piece of content, especially as a beginner, we tend to get frustrated when things go wrong. If we’re working on creating a video for YouTube, for example, and we can’t quite get it to the length we’d like it, or the text we want to add won’t format the way we want to, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that something is wrong with us. We’re a beginner, we don’t know what we’re doing, we don’t understand software, we’re never going to understand it. We almost bombard ourselves with constant criticisms. But what if we automatically knew that nothing was wrong? How would we approach the challenge then?

New Possibilities For Unlocking Creativity

As business owners who work intuitively, checking in with our Intuition would be an obvious first step. Now obviously I can’t tell you what your Intuition will tell you but I can share some of the answers I have received over time that may ring a bell for you too:-

It’s the Software – turns out the software was glitching and I just needed to restart it.

It’s About You – I was trying to bring it together in a way that I wanted but that wasn’t necessarily for the highest good. So I deleted it all, started again and had a far more fun time as a result.

It’s the Wrong Timing – my Intuition had a different plan for the day that wasn’t about creating content.

And there have been others too but whatever answer I received allowed space for more creativity and outcomes that I hadn’t envisioned when I sat down to make the content. However the biggest shift was that I was back to enjoying the whole thing instead of feeling frustrated. And all from a simple change in perspective.

How much more creative could you be if you knew that nothing was ever wrong?

Troubleshooting Sessions!

If you’re in the middle of making content in Canva or Adobe Premiere Pro and you’re feeling a bit stuck, book a 20 min session with Orla. Everything will be alright before you know it!

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