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Discover the most common Content Mistakes To Avoid …. especially if you’re a beginner!

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No time to create your Social Media? Let me handle that for you. From ideas to creation to scheduling, your Social Media stress will be no more! Send me a message via the Contact Page for more info!

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Struggling with creating a Reel, a Post, a Podcast (or anything really) and need some extra help to get it all done? Book a 20-minute troubleshoot with Orla to tackle those challenges fast.

Why Work Intuitively?

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We all have a message to share, each one unique. And if we want to share that message with others then the first step is to make sure we’re clear on what it actually is. When we work intuitively, we’re working with that part of us that knows exactly what our message is – after all our In-Tuition is our inner teacher – and the more we listen to its promptings, connect to its guidance and work with it, the easier we naturally share who we are and what we offer. When we invite our Intuition into our content creation, the experience is different. Our sessions flow more easily (and when they don’t, we know we’ve gone off-course!) and ideas form that are nowhere near what we thought they would be. There’s joy in the creation and joy in the process!

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