2 Practical Ways To Work With Your Business Intuition

2 Practical Ways To Work With Your Business Intuition

Why Work With Your Business Intuition?

If you were a junior heart surgeon, who would you go to to discover your next step on your heart surgeon journey? A Senior Heart Surgeon, right? They know the path, they have the experience and if you’re in the same hospital as them, it’s quite likely they know you and your quirks too. It makes sense. It’s the same reason that working with our Business Intuition is an excellent idea. Our Intuition is our Inner Teacher. It’s the wise part of us that knows us inside and out, knows why we’re here, what we came to do, who we came to be and how we can get there. It knows everything about our journey. And as our business is a part of that journey, why ask anyone else for the next steps? However as an Intuitive Business Owner, we can sometimes wonder whether we are really truly working with our Intuition. Are we following its guidance or are we simply listening to our personality wants and needs?

How can we work with our Business Intuition to make that connection stronger and to gain confidence that what we are receiving is indeed coming from our Smarter Self? Here’s 2 simple ways …

Business Intuition and Meditation

First and always foremost: meditation. It is by far the simplest way to make that intuitive connection and to receive its messages. Now at this point, I have a confession to make; I used to think that if I sat down and meditated regularly, eventually one day I would hear a booming voice with all the answers I needed for that day, and hopefully my whole life. Unsurprisingly, that turned out be be a HUGE assumption because meditation isn’t about sitting down for a Q&A session. It’s about feeling the connection to your Soul and sitting in that alignment. Personally, I almost never get answers or guidance while I’m in meditation. However during the day – and usually when I’m doing nothing in particular – I can get prompted or guided to do something or go somewhere or simply to see something differently. It’s in my normal daily routine that the magic appears.

How To Know You’re Working With Your Business Intuition

Once you see the second way, you can’t unsee it! It’s a very common experience and possibly the clearest example I can give of knowing when we’re working with our Business Intuition simply by knowing when we’re not! The example I’m going to use is around content creation but once you get it, you will begin to see how it applies to all areas of your life. If you’d like to see the short video I’ve made to demonstrate it, simply add your email to the box below and I’ll send you the link. It has helped me so many times (and yes, I have found myself in this situation often) and I’m confident it will help you too. Let me know in the comments!

Click then add your name and email and I’ll send you the link. Discover a super simple way to know for sure that you’re working with your Business Intuition.

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